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Can you read minds? What's your weakness? Who is The Diary? Why do you record this mess? Listen to the interview... Steve B. interviews Claude...

The Diary

If Joy Division and The Buzzcocks took a time machine, went back to the 60's to have a battle of the bands against The Kinks & The Beatles, and then made love to a very beautiful girl who had a computer, their creation would be The Diary. Maybe it did happen...?

With one foot into the past, the other in the present, and his eyes towards the future, Claude S., gives you many reasons to feel. Using a computer, a 1965 SG, punk-influenced drumming and a host of synths, there is no end to where The Diary will take you. The new Album, Separate, examines Claude's childhood, a drowning, a first kiss, the sadness and pleasures of love, longing, and a brutal honesty that can only be expressed in the form of recorded melodies... in short fast songs.

The question is, how did all this begin? Claude sat down, and this is the tale in his own words...

"The album was written during a break from Anything Box. I was going through a rough period, questioning everything around me. It is frustrating being an artist and knowing what you want, but feeling that your hands are tied, you know? That was the start of it.

I wrote a few songs and even recorded some of them, but I felt that the lyrics were too vague, and it struck me that I should try a different approach. To make matters worse, I recorded myself playing drums without turning on the room microphones, and they sounded terrible. However as I listened closer, I realized that I had, by chance, stumbled onto the sound of the lo-fi drums I'd always loved in music from the 60's and 70's... Disco even. So I revised the style and wrote a whole new batch of songs, and this time, told myself to face the demons head on.

When the album was at the mix stage, I added the electronic stuff, mainly because I can't escape that, it's who I am. I love synthesizers, man. Everything fell into place after that. I kept it all very raw sounding. A real garage record. I'm pretty proud of the songs, actually. Truth is best unveiled, at least to a degree..." --- www.Listenshow.com

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1979-1981 meets 2005 when guitars, synths, and a good beat form the basis of this tune. Look reality in the eye and fight it to the end. This is the song you won't get out of your head. And it's FREE FOR YOU.

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