TheDiary is New Wave, Pop, Alternative for fans of Radiohead, Ladytron, The Killers, The Bravery, New Order and Joy Division! Get FREE MP3 of a song right now!

In order to know who The Diary is, you first need to know what purpose it serves.
The Diary was a way to put certain aspects of my creative output into different character.

The first album was an ode to Gothic New Wave.
The second was a lovesong to punk and indie rock.
And the third was a real Blues record.

Now you know. But do you? Have you truly listened?

Blame it on TV, point a finger at the Radio or the interwebs, but truly, there is nothing you can do. The world is moving faster. Things are ahead that shall be difficult. And at the same time as things are seemingly running down? The world, as they say, is moving on. You can move on as well. Be brave. All will be as it needs to be.